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About Us

The Mile Saver SHOPPER is an advertising vehicle.  The print edition has been offered free weekly since 1985, and can be found at 300 business in Eastern Colorado, Western Kansas and Southwestern Nebraska.  In 2008 The Mile Saver Shopper also began connecting buyers and sellers online. We pride ourselves on being the “Best Advertising Vehicle on the High Plains,” and are proud to still serve our circulation area after 30 years.  We do our best to put out a high quality product that connects buyers and sellers in our local communities without spam and scams.  

The Mile Saver Shopper is published and distributed every Thursday.  Over 14,000 copies are delivered to 300 racks and several paid subscribers.  The Mile Saver Shopper is published by

TBP Publishing, Inc., Thomas Bredehoft - Publisher.

Do you have a Display ad that you’d like featured in the Mile Saver Shopper?